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“BLUES DESTINATION”. Saturday, February 10, 2013. Spotlighted visitors in town after the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. The group gathered at the H.C. Porter Gallery, then enjoyed my Blues Tour of the City. These special Blues fans included four-time chairman of the Blues Foundation, Paul Benjamin, from Maine.

“BIRTH OF THE tiny BLUES”. Friday, February 15, 2013. Craftsman Billy Jones of Clinton delivered a collection of tiny, handmade share-cropper houses to the Old Depot Museum. Curator Lamar Roberts invited the VBS to help launch the “Birth Place of the Blues” exhibit at the museum. Lamar and I recruited Billy Jones to help build an addition to the exhibit that will showcase a replica of Willie Dixon’s home, and the neighborhood, in Vicksburg.

“BLUES brings the SIZZLE to Vicksburg”. Sunday, February 17, 2013. In a Letter to the Editor, I shared the exciting news that we have organized the “Vicksburg’s GOT the BLUES” Partners, a group of more than 30 businesses, with the mission of developing our opportunities, and our presence, along the Mississippi Blues Trail.  Read Whole Story

Blues brings popular Australian 
radio hosts to Vicksburg
Hamish and Andy spent noontime with 
"LD" and "King Edward"

A recent issue of Legends, the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Review, features Vicksburg on the cover. The compelling story "Battles to Bronzes" highlights the magnificent art collection in the Vicksburg National Military Park.

The issue also includes "The Big Challenge" a featured story about the Vicksburg Blues Society's participation and great success in the International Blues Challenge 2013. This article is complimented by a two-page spread showcasing the Vicksburg's GOT the BLUES Partnership.

In case you haven't seen a copy of this issue of the magazine, here's a link to the online edition: